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G & M Ornamental Iron Work is a full-service fabrication shop that serves the Chicagoland area. We specialize in designing, crafting and installing everything from entry gates to fencing to completely customized iron work. In addition, we supply the materials, fabricate and coat. We also install all of our products, unless otherwise stated by the customer. There is no need to lift a finger.


We know that every home and business possesses a unique style and design, which is why we provide our top quality work to both residential and commercial buildings. We believe the use of ornamental iron greatly enhances any property. Whether it’s a fence that creates security with a touch of sophistication or a railing customized to your heart’s desire, look to G & M Ornamental for all of your iron work needs.


We work closely with our clients to design, fabricate and professionally install beautiful and functional iron work to meet your specific requirements. The scope of work we provide is only limited by your imagination, so allow us to take your ideas and turn them into a reality. 


At G & M Ornamental, we offer a fully equipped shop with a wide range of services, which include:

  • Mig Welding

  • Tig Welding

  • Stick Welding

  • Manual Grinding

  • Finishing

  • Cutting

  • Chamfering

  • Metal Bending

  • Blacksmithing

  • Steel Punching

  • Shearing

  • Plasma Cutting

  • Sandblasting

  • Powder Coating


Looking for a service that’s not listed above? Feel free to contact us today because we’re always up for a challenge. 


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